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Disappearing Driveway Paint

Robert’s Age: 3

Success Rating: Fun, but Robert preferred Mommy to do the painting!

How about an art activity with zero cleanup! Now, if you’re driveway is not bitumen, or it is in mint, freshly sealed condition, this activity may not work for you, but a slightly weathered bitumen driveway is perfect for disappearing paint…. i.e., Water!

Don’t have the right sort of driveway? Try this at the park instead.

I used a 1 inch paintbrush that I picked up at a local yard sale for a quarter, and a plastic tub from the kitchen. This activity is best done on a slightly cooler day with not too much wind so the ‘paint’ doesn’t evaporate too quickly.

Robert tried his hand at it for a while, however, admittedly he preferred Mommy to do the painting. A row of circles became a great jumping activity (and I know he has an apple in his hand but I promise he wasn’t actively eating while jumping, I just couldn’t get him to put it down!)

And no art activity is complete in our home without a whale with a blow hole…



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