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Robert’s Age: 3

Success Rating: A nice afternoon distraction!

This is a simple one, but after collection some cones (they were actually spruce cones as we didn’t yet have any real pine cones on the ground) in a basket, placed it at the top of the ramp to our shed, then placed another basket a short distance from the bottom end of the ramp, and Robert walked up the ramp to get a cone, then down the ramp to tossed it in the other basket. This activity bought me the 20 minutes I needed to clean up some trash the raccoons had so very kindly distributed across our yard!


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Robert’s Age: 3

Success Rating: Great! He’s played with these every nice day this fall!

As our house can be prone to blackouts in the wintertime, my husband likes to make sure we have a good stash of firewood at hand for ‘just-in-case’ heat…. ok, so judging by the piles in the background, maybe he’s a little obsessive about his firewood collection, but the up side for us is that a recent delivery of stumps from the local tree guy turned into a myriad options for play. After convincing my DH that using a few stumps used as temporary climbing structures would not have a significant impact on his firewood supply (they wouldn’t be ready for burning this year anyway) I set to work arranging some stumps in the yard.

It took a few tries to find the right angle/placement before they were level and steady enough for climbing, but much fun followed. Robert had a great time stepping at first…

…then jumping from one stump to the next.

Then we took a smaller round and rested an old plank across it to make a see-saw type structure. It’s not the type you’d want to sit on, as I didn’t attach a piece of wood to the bottom of each end of the plank to keep fingers from getting jammed, however it was great for walking…

He spent some time testing it out…

… but once Robert got the hang of the motion it wasn’t long before he was running as quickly as possible across it became a fun game.

We then tried our see-saw with a larger round, but it was a bit too scary for Robert to scale without assistance, so he tried his hand at rolling the round instead.

And of course, you have to make time for pondering pine needles…

All in all, a delightful fall activity!!!

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Robert’s Age: 2-3/4

Success Rating: Robert LOVES to play in the bath!

I know for some parents bath time is a production line… get them in, get them washed, dried, and dressed. For Robert it’s one of his favorite play times. So I usually run the bath while he fetches is whales, then pull up a pew (aka, the toilet) and sit back for a half hour or so…. sometimes he wants me to join in, but usually he’s quite content to play by himself so I’ll read a book or play a few turns of Words With Friends on my phone 😉

Sometimes he’ll do some pouring, as shown above, but his favorite bath time game is with his whales. He’ll have them breaching, diving and splashing their tales. Sometimes he asks to take a bath two or three times in a day just so he can have more play time with his whales in ‘real water’.

And what’s his favorite whale? The Humpback Whale. Sometimes he’ll even sing like a male Humpback, or have the mommy Humpback nudging her baby to the surface to breath (thanks to a David Attenborough’s documentary on Humpack Whales, which he loves.)

Bath time is definitely one of our favorite times of the day!

Playing with Whales in the Bath

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Robert’s Age: 2-3/4

Success Rating: Fabulous! Until it popped 😦  Note to self, always have a large supply of balloons on hand.

Last winter we had a lot of fun playing balloon volleyball, but I never thought to attach a string to one. This balloon came to us courtesy of the Warren County Farmer’s Fair in early August. It was originally a helium balloon, hence the string. That was fun, but the next morning, much to my surprise, having lost its loft it became an even greater hit. Robert pulled that balloon around the house for an hour and a half! He draped it over furniture, pulled it up and down stairs to see how it would bounce about, and up and down the hall.

I will definitely be adding a string to some of the balloons we blow up in the future!

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